2017 Annual Recap

30 countries visited (19 new) in Europe, Asia, South America, & Oceania. 79 flights with 22 airlines, 3 trains, 57 boats/ferries/ships, 27 car rentals. Swimming with manatees in Florida, being at awe of the temples of Thailand, touring Laos by Mekong River, riding a ballon over the temples of Bagan in Myanmar, coping with awful traffic in Bangladesh, riding the yellow taxi in Calcutta in India, hiking along desolate beaches of Andaman, wildlife watching and drinking Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka, taking a break in the paradise of Maldives, watching the border guard ceremony in Lahore on Pakistan, raving at Mayday in Germany, holding a baby sloth in the Amazon, staring at the solar eclipse on Nebraska, driving lonely roads of Nevada, going nuts at the absolute insanity and visual candy of the Burning Man, admiring architecture of Sao Paulo and Brasilia in Brazil, spotting jaguars and giant otters in the Pantanal, walking around the historic Asuncion in Paraguay, multi-day hiking to the top of Mount Roraima in Venezuela (#1 adventure of the year!!!), island hopping in French Polynesia, going underwater in Tuamotu, staring at tiki statues in Marquesas, sailing to the remote Pitcairn Island, flying helicopter above the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, exploring the lush jungles of Samoa, journeying to the remote Tokelau, and hiking in search of the green parrots on the Norfolk Island. Thanks to everyone who shared these experiences with me and all the new friends! Happy New Year!