Palau: Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake, located on one of the islands in the archipelago of Palau, was featured in the National Geographic’s “Migrations”. It is home to thousands of Golden Jellyfish that migrate around the landlocked lake with the movement of the sun.The lake is one of only 200 lakes globally that are layered – upper 15 meters are oxygenated, while the water at the bottom has no oxygen in it and no life; the layers do not mix.The jellyfish live in symbiotic relationship with algae in their bodies that convert sunlight into sugars as the jellyfish migrate around the lake and rotate exposing themselves to the sun. One can snorkel with the jellyfish on an organized tour, don’t worry – they don’t sting, although they have the stinging apparatus in place and ready just in case. While there are several similar jellyfish lakes in Palau, this one is the only one accessible and crocodile-free.

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