Palau: Rock Islands from Helicopter

Not many people have ever heard about the tiny nation of Palau in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – population 21K people spread over 250 inhabited islands. The Rock Islands are uninhabited and are part of this archipelago. They consist of nearly 300 small mushroom-like islands, beautiful coral reefs and lagoons, and incredible flora and fauna. Some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling is here as well as the world-famous Jellyfish Lake (a separate album will be dedicated to it in the near future). The islands are limestone with their bases narrower then the top, eaten away by tides, sponges, urchins and other the like. Things to do – take a helicopter flyover, dive and snorkel, visit the Jellyfish Lake, swim in the Milky Way lagoon, or venture to camp on one of the islands and you can have an entire island all to yourself, miles away from civilization.

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