Aleutian Islands: Unalaska – Bunker Hill Hike

The Unalaska Island, the biggest of the Aleutian Islands, is stupendously beautiful with many bays, peninsulas, sea stacks, hills and snow-covered mountains. Many of the hills have steep hikes to the top with insane panoramas. The easiest and the best to start the island exploration with is the hike up the Bunker Hill. Is only 461 feet to the top along an old military road. Several military bunkers and fortifications, as well as gun mounts from four 144mm coastal defense guns stand remnants of WWII on top (Japanese bombed Unalaska and the US quickly evacuated residents and then fortified the island). But it’s the views that are absolutely awesome here – you can see the towns of Dutch Harbor and Unalaska below, all the beautiful bays, the higher rising peaks of Ballyhoo and Pyramid and various islands everywhere. The scenery is somewhat reminiscent of the Faroe Islands. It’s wild and rugged nature at its best – tons of wildflowers and bold eagles soaring everywhere – Unalaska has one of the highest concentrations of them in the world.