Amazonas: Piranha Fishing

Fishing piranhas is a must do activity in the Amazon, and it’s a nonstop action of pulling one after another. Piranha are relatively small, only 14-26 cm (5.5 to 10 inches) long. What they don’t get in size, they get in viciousness and bite. The rows of teeth are amazingly sharp and the piranha’s bite is one of the strongest in the fish world. They rip and tear everything at the smallest smell of blood. Fishing is fairly easy – you put a piece of beef on the hook and they bite almost instantaneously, the trick is to pull it out before they devour all the meat. There are five different species of piranha in this part of Amazon – from the small spotted piranha to the most aggressive and largest black piranha (the latter has the strongest bite among all fishes). However, most of the legends of piranha attaching human ate just fairy-tales, you can safely swim in this waters as long as you don’t have bleeding cuts. Piranha teeth can regrow.