Andaman & Nicobar: Cellular Jail in Port Blair

Cellular Jail is by far the biggest attraction in Port Blair and Andamans from the historical perspective. The massive prison was built by the British to house political prisoners (independence fighters) from India as far from India as possible on a remote ocean island archipelago. Many prisoners were sentenced for life, often cut short though hanging. The original jail was designed with seven wings arranges like spokes in a bicycle. All cells were solitary (hence the name “cellular jail”), and the windows faced the back of the neighboring spoke so zero inmate communication was assured. The Japanese occupied the Andamans in WWII, and the British soldiers became the inmates. Allied bombing destroyed several wings and the remaining three are now a museum. It’s an eerie walk around the dark cells and corridors, although the rooftop view of tropical islands is quite uplifting (probably kept the guards’ spirit up).