Argentina/Chile: Cristo Redentor de Los Andes

Cristo Redentor de Los Andes stands high on the Andean ridge on the border between Argentina and Chile at the elevation of 3,832 m (12,572 ft). The monument was constructed in 1904 to commemorate the peace treaty between Argentina and Chile and final delineation of the borders. This is the highest point in the old mountain road between the two countries (the new road runs through a tunnel below now) at the La Cumbre Pass. The drive up here is incredible – twists and turns on the gravel red rock road with stunning panoramas of the Andes and distant hanging glaciers. Up at the top – it’s super windy and freezing (the drive is only open for a brief period in summer, while in winter it’s -30C and snow). The statue was transported in 1200 pieces by train and then up by mules to the pass location, assembled and inaugurated, finally marking the peace between the two nations divided by the Andes.