Auckland Islands: Sandy Bay on Enderby Island

Enderby Island is the smaller island in the northern part of the Auckland Islands. The island is rocky with steep cliffs except for a very large sandy beach which is called just that – Sandy Bay. This bay and beach and grasslands above it are a true wildlife lover paradise – the largest colony of New Zealand Sea Lions is here (about 10-15%) of the global population of this world’s rarest species of sea lions. What’s more – this beach is also home to the rarest penguins in the world, Yelloweyed Penguins, also around 1/10 of the global population. Where else in the world can you witness 10% of the world’s population of sea lions and penguin species? Just because of this wildlife paradise, the Enderby Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stay tuned for the next two posts about sea lions and penguins.