Austral Islands/Rurutu: Vaitamu Village

I don’t usually write about hotels or accommodations, but this place on Rurutu was absolutely amazing – Vaitamu Village. It’s only seven bungalows, but they are right on the beach, one of the view of the island. The bungalows are rustic but luxurious in and out (especially for a non-touristy island like Rurutu). Grab a beer and you can sit in one of the tidal pools just feet off the coastline and enjoy the sunset (or whalewatch in season). And the hosts/owners are the best: when I asked to try some local Rurutu food specialties, they treated me to a massive dinner with lobsters caught the night before just on the beach, crabs, wild hunted pork, fresh tuna, fafaru, local garden taro, and so on and so forth – just wait for the food recap.