Belarus: BelAZ – World’s Largest Truck

The world’s largest truck – BelAZ 75710 – is manufactured in Zhodino by BelAZ (literally means Belarus Auto Plant). BelAZ trucks are used almost exclusively in open pit mining and are exported to over 70 countries in the world with the biggest clients being Russia, Australia, South Africa, China, Canada, Colombia, and more. These are beyond being monster trucks – they are insanely massive. The biggest of them all – BelAZ 75710 – was launched in 2013 and it holds two Guinness world records – the heaviest and largest truck (weighing 360 tons) and the largest payload capacity (450 tons). It is 20.6 meters long, 8.16 meters high, and 9.87 meters wide. It has dual axel but the wheels are dualled, so there are 8 wheels, each just massive! All wheels are independent suspension, so this baby is the best 4WD in the world. The wheels have unique hydraulic systems that allow them to independently turn sideways. The truck has two engines resulting in the combined 4600 horsepower. But this is just one truck, the BelAZ plant has been manufacturing monster trucks for the last 70 years and I had an incredibly unique opportunity to get an inside tour of the whole factory including climbing onto the trucks (thanks to Mr. Pavel Latushka). Definitely a bucketlist experience!