Belarus: Homecoming To My Former School

It’s been a whopping quarter century since I graduated from my school #54 (now Gymnasium #7) in Minsk. And it was an incredible honor to return back to the old womb as the first citizen of Belarus who has travelled to all the countries in the world! Kids from 6-10th grades gathered in the main hall of my old alma mater to hear me speak about the faraway strange and distant lands and my travels all around the globe. Never in my wildest dream did I think of this homecoming. It was both exciting and humbling and immensely satisfying at the same time! Long time ago I was a student here dreaming of seeing the world one day and now it has become a reality and little kids were falling all over each other to hear stories of volcanoes and bears and lemurs and beluga whales and French castles and Tibetan temples and strange countries and animals migrations. I really hope I inspired some of them to go travel and see the world!