Bosnia & Herzegovina : Mostar

Driving into Bosnia, you definitely feel you are entering another country – mosques dot villages, old semi-wrecked Yugos on the road, slow driving among cattle… Mostar is famous for its spectacular medieval bridge (Stari Most) which was destroyed in 1992 in the war but then fully restored and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The views are awesome from all around, the best one is actually from the top of the minaret of the 16th century Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque, itself a major historical attraction. Old bazaars, fantastic Turkish coffee, middle eastern food, and watching guys jump off the bridge – it’s all a sensory overload. Interestingly, while all the road signs are supposed to be in Latin and Cyrillic, the Cyrillic part is usually painted over with graffiti or black paint. Go figure!

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