Botswana: Lions at Linyanti

Of course, lions are always the main draw of any safari game drive and they didn’t disappoint here in northern Botswana. First, a large male and then a female with five quite adult 2-year old cubs. All just doing what lions do best – just lying and doing nothing (lions spend 95% of their time just resting in shade, and only 5% for hunting, eating, and sex). The male lion never moved once, just opened his yellow eyes and lazily looked at me. The female didn’t even open her eyes. The cubs were a bit more agile – they took their turns getting up up and stretching, turning, rotating, and licking their large paws. A benefit of coming here in the rainy season – I had the entire safari vehicle and the whole lion pride all to myself (in Kenya or Tanzania, you’d be sharing it with a dozen overpacked fat tourist vehicles).