Brazil: Brasilia – Modernist Architecture

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil (no, it’s not Rio or São Paulo). The city was specifically designed and built in 1960 deep in the middle of the country to be its administrative center. Brasilia is designed in the shape of an airplane, with wings serving as residential zones, while the fuselage being the main thoroughfare known as Monumental Axis. At one end of the axis lie all the administrative and political buildings – Congress, Presidential Palace, Supreme Court and Esplanada dos Ministérios. Next are cultural buildings – museums, theater, cathedral. Next are commercial and hotel zones. Then come sport arenas. And finally is a memorial to President Juscelino Kubitschek whose idea it was to create the city. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its futuristic layout and architecture. But while in May have been so in 1960s, it looks rather dated and worn out a bit these day, more like a “back in time” trip into 1980s.