Brazil: Pantanal – Sunset at Posada Piuval

Pantanal is a massive floodplain in the southwest of Brazil. For half of the year’s it’s flooded and the other half it dries up into dry land and rivers. This is considered to be one of the prime areas for wildlife watching worldwide, as the sheer numbers of birds and mammals are staggering. Posada Piuval is one of the many working fazendas that cater to ecotourism with game drives, bird observation towers, and ability to hike around when the land is dry (or boating when it’s not). Plenty of species of animals of the first night – capybaras, snail foxes, agouti, caymans, rhea, coati, and even a distant sighting of a tapir (very rare!). And the birdlife was equally diverse, especially seen at sunset from an observation tour. A night game drive was another chance to spot nocturnal animals.