Brazil: Rio de Janeiro – Palacio Churrascaria

Churrascaria Palace is a must-eat-at restaurant in Copacabana, an authentic, historic.traditional Brazilian rodizio steakhouse. This concept has been copied all over the world, but this is the place where it is the most authentic. The restaurant was founded in 1951. Interestingly, one of the most iconic music tracks of bossa nova style from the 1960s “Last Supper at the Masquerade” is about this restaurant. This is absolutely meatlovers’ paradise, as the rodizio style juicy meat cuts just keep on coming, until you are near exploding. Some of the cuts and styles have actually been invented by the house, such as the Butterfly Picanha (picanha is absolutely the best need steak cut, hands down) and the Lamb Shoulder in Douro Wine. The salad bar was also to die for – with oysters, sushi, sashimi, crabmeat, and all types of salads and palmito (palm hearts).