Cambodia: Angkor Wat – Bayon Temple

The main feature at the sprawling Angkor Thom city is the Bayon Temple, the state temple built in the late 12th century by the King Jayavarman VII (very successive king tried to overdo the previous one by building something bigger and grander). Then temple has many towers clustered together and every single tower is topped with smiling faces on top pointing to four directions – massive sculptures and absolutely striking. There are 54 towers in total, each featuring four carved faces, for a grand total of 216 faces. These faces are believed to represent either Buddha or King Jayavarman VII himself. The temple consists of three levels. The lower level features bas-reliefs depicting scenes from everyday life, historical events, and Hindu mythology. The middle level contains the famous stone faces on its towers, while the upper level provides panoramic views of the surrounding area. A lot of tunnels and pathways connect the interior, and you are likely to run into monkeys.