Cambodia: Koh Ker

The site is absolutely impressive and totally different from other temple ruin sites. Koh Ker was for a short period the capital of the Khmer Empire in 928–944 AD, and it is a sprawling site with a lot of various ruins in different state of being uncovered. But the main attraction here is a Pyramid of Koh Ker aka Prasat Thom – 36m (118 ft)-high seven‑tiered structure that is very reminiscent of Mayan pyramids rather than Khmer temples. In fact, when you climb on top of it in grueling heat and humidity, the 360 panorama of flat green jungle is nearly identical to what you see on top of the Calakmul Pyramid in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula and deep in the jungle. Before the pyramid, there are also many highly decorated small temples with a lot of carvings, inscriptions, and statues.