Cambodia: Siem Reap – Cambodia Landmine Museum

Land mines and unexploded ordinances (UXO) were extensively used during the Vietnam War (1955-75), the subsequent Khmer Rouge regime wars (1975-79), and the continued civil war after the fall of the Khmer Rouge. Cambodia was the most heavily mined country in the world, with 4-6 million land mines all over the country. The museum documents all this and it started as a private collection by a guy who suffered from a mine explosion, now it has hundreds of mines on display – mostly Soviet or Chinese made, some crudely home-made, some American – and loads and loads of various UXOs like bombs, grenades, etc. To this day, 2-5 landmines are discovered in Cambodia per day! Land mines have caused hundreds of thousands of casualties in the country, with many resulting in deaths or lifelong injuries. Land mines also grossly hinder agricultural development and infrastructure projects. The museum is totally mind-boggling – stacks and stacks and display after display of all these (disarmed) mines and bombs and explosive – all meant to kill and maim. And sadly, Cambodia is not even the most heavily mined country anymore – it is now Ukraine – thanks to the Russo-fascist hordes of invading brainwashed orcs who have mined the occupied territory indiscriminately all over.