Canada/Nova Scotia: Fortress of Louisbourg

Fortress of Louisbourg on the southeastern tip of Nova Scotia was at one time the largest and most fortified in the North America. The French built the enormous fort in 1730-1740 to protect their North American colony and prevent the British from encroaching. It was often referred to as the “Gibraltar of the North”. While the fortifications were elaborate and immense, they mostly faced the sea and thus fell to the British twice when they approached from land. After the second takeover, the Brits decided to destroy the fort as the best best way to prevent further attacks (kind of like “brexit” – let’s burn everything rather then have Europeans come here). The fort has since been meticulously restored – all the buildings, walls, gates, turreted towers and so on; as well as the entire settlement within its walls. There are over 100 people in period costumes re-enacting the realities of the 18th century for the visitors and the cannon salutes at noon. Boom!