Canada/YT: Whitehorse

Yukon is the same size as Spain, yet the population is a meager 40,000 people. 25,000 of them live in Whitehorse, which is the capital and the only city (the rest are settlements) in the entire Yukon. Yukon owes its existence to the Klondike gold discovered in 1896. The town is quite picturesque along the bank of the Yukon River with frontier-style wooden houses, old wooden church, wooden mini-skyscrapers, and definitive “middle-of-nowhere” feel. There is also a huge steam wheeler ship SS Klondike that ploughed the Yukon River for years during and after gold rush, before any roads were built. Whitehorse is also famous for its Klondike Rib & Salmon restaurant serving babyback ribs and salmon together in a unique and delicious combination. Finally, Whitehorse is holding the Guinness Record for the city with the cleanest air in the world (although Trump probably thinks it’s New York).