Canada/Nunavut: Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the most elusive animals on earth and very few people have seen it (not to mention being up close). Wolverine looks and behaves like a small bear but belongs to the weasel family. He is a very voracious carnivore and can take on prey many times his size and weight. Even grizzlies and wolves don’t engage wolverines. Wolverines are solitary animals, each “owning” a huge range of at least 300-600 sq km (so finding one is worse then a needle in a haystack). They live in northern Canada, Norway/Finland, and northern Russia. Wolverines are often scavengers and can crush frozen meat with special molar teeth. They are gluttons and can stuff themselves to the max. Wolverines have the second strongest jaws and grip of any mammal in the world (Tasmanian devils hold the crown here). Their fur is completely water and freeze proof and that is why Inuit prize their hides and hunt them.
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