Canada: Iles de Madeleine Harp Seals

Iles de Madeleine in the open Atlantic Ocean off the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec, Canada is winter home for thousands of harp seals. For only 2 weeks in early March , more than 200,000 harp (aka Greenland) seals congregate on floating ice off the shore of Magdalene islands to safely reproduce away from the dangers of polar bears and orca killer whales. Pups are born snow-white at 7-8kg and gain 3-5kg per day feeding on the 85% fat-full milk diet. Then they shed the white fur, turn dark and are fully independent. Fly from Quebec to Gaspe to Iles de Madeleine. It’s only possible for a couple days a year as the ice becomes to thin for helicopters to land on it.