Chile: Villarrica Volcano – Ascend & Slide Down

Villarica Volcano in the Lake District of Chile is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is only one of five volcanoes in the world believed to have a permanent lava lake at the bottom of its crater. At 9,341 feet high (2,847 meters) is can be climbed in a single day provided the weather cooperates, which happen only 20% of the time. The volcano periodically generates strombolian eruptions and pyroclastic flows as well as landslide and snow avalanches. While the rim and the top are mostly snow free and the soil is hot and fuming, more then 40% of the mountain is covered by permanent glaciers, hence crampons are required. You will also need a gas mask in all likelihood to survive the sulfurous gases at the top.You can peak into the crater and see the orange lava lake. And the best part – you get to descend in minutes as you slide down the slopes all the way to the bottom (guided tours usually provide special rip-resistant pants).