Costa Rica: Arenal NP – Birds

Birding at the Arenal Observatory Lodge was beyond amazing, it is famous for one of the best spots for birding not only in Costa Rica, but in the world – over 400 species here. We spotted 3 species of toucans – Chestnut-mandibled Toucans, Keel-billed Toucans, and Aracari Toucanets. Other standouts were the large Crested Guans and Great Curassows, which surprisingly both can fly! While on the observation tower, we were just a few feet away from a very beautiful woodpecker, seemingly oblivious to our presence. Loud oropendola birds were screaming and socializing everywhere. Also we saw parrots, hawks, trogons, and loads of smaller species. And last but not least were the hummingbirds, just outside your balcony, performing midair acrobatics on the blooming flowers.