Costa Rica: Arenal NP – Night Tours

And the top spot wildlife activity in Costa Rica goes to night touring the rainforest! Without a doubt!. When the heat and visibility of the day goes away, creatures of all sizes come out to play – nocturnal mammals, snakes, frogs, insects. With a good knowledgeable guy (very important), you will get to see a lot. We encountered 10 species of frogs and toads, 5 species of snakes, giant rainforest cockroaches, massive leaf bugs, spiders including tarantulas and scorpion spiders. Frogs were simply kind flowing – two species of endemic Costa Rican poisonous dart frogs, colorful red-eyes tree frogs (separate post coming), yellow and brown hourglass frogs (they have an hourglass figure on them), translucent reticulated glass frogs, bright green masked tree frogs, swamp tree frogs, and giant cane toads.