Costa Rica: Two-toed Sloths at Bijagua Sloth Reserve

As we counted three-toed sloths at the Bujuaga Sloth Sanctuary, I asked the guide if one could see the two-toed sloths. The answer was – almost impossible, as they are nocturnal and much more rare then their three-toed brethren. But our luck came through again and to the total surprise of the guide, I spotted a two-toed sloth actively moving in the tree above. Perhaps it was the evening time and the rain that pushed him out to roam around. A totally different looking animal, two-toed sloths are bigger and much more agile and even aggressive. Turns out the two-toed and three-toed sloths are completely different animals and never even had common ancestors, but rather convergently evolved and adapted to life in the trees. The two-toed is a faster climber but is completely unable to walk on the ground, instead just pulling himself with his arms. Their diet is quite diverse and not just leaves. After having observed the two-toed sloth up in the tree, we ended the tour, said goodbye to the guide and went back to the car parked at the entrance to the reserve. And then… Drumroll!!! Another two-toed sloth was hanging on the rail of the bridge in our path, just feet from us! Literally! Looking at us, climbing around, and then eventually quite quickly going up the tree. Absolutely insane – such a rare animal so close and not just once but twice!