Cuba: Hanana – Havana Club Rum Museum

For many Cuba is synonymous with rum and the flagship Cuban Havana Club rum is often considered to be in the world’s top 10 best rums. The origins of rum in Cuba dares to the arrival of Christopher Columbus, while the Havana Club brand was born much later in 1878. The museum is fantastic and show all the history and making process of the Cuban Rum. Plus the tasting room where you can sample very generous serving of 3, 7, and 15 year old rums. To me personally, Cuban rums are a bit rough and crude, compared to other Caribbean rums, and especially French colonies, but this is a matter of taste. Havana Club is owned equally by the Cuban government and French Pernod and is available everywhere in the world except the USA. In the USA, Bacardi has its own “Havana Club”, which is available nowhere in the world except USA.