Djibouti: Tadjoura

Tadjoura is one of the oldest cities in Djibouti, having been the capital of four different Afar sultanates through medieval times before the arrival of the French in the 19th century. Tadjoura was a major port through which salt from the Danakil depression in Ethiopia was transported to the Middle East (massive camel caravans would arrive here and get loaded on ships). Tadjoura is known for its old mosques and some colonial buildings, all mostly white in color (as Tadjoura is often referred to as “white city”). Traditional and old is side by side with modern in Tadjoura and the port is being aggressively renovated with Chinese investment for future exploration of vast potash and salt and minerals to arrive here from the Danakil depression. Goats and camels freely roam the city streets, while the beaches and waterfront are quite scenic. And absolutely everybody chews up the narcotic khat!