DPR: Donetsk – Hughes Brewery

Let’s delve a little into the very interesting history of Donetsk. Donetsk was founded by the British guy named James Hughes. James Hughes, a Welsh native born in 1814, became ultra rich by the early age of 28 by inventing and patenting armor plating. He went on to owning significant iron works in the UK and even armor-iron-plated most of the British Navy ships in the 1850s. In 1860s, he invented and designed gun carriage for super heavy cannons that went on to be used by most European armies. In 1868, he won a concession of the Imperial Russia to built a state-of-the-art ironworks in Russia. He sailed six ships with his entire family and over 100 skilled British workers to a piece of land he bought near Azov Sea. Here he established a town named Hughesovka (Yuzovka in Russian). This later grew into Donetsk. By the time of his death, his ironworks was responsible for producing 3/4 of all iron of the entire Russian empire. Being a Welsh, Hughes couldn’t live without quality beer and founded a brewery that survives to this day. Four beer varieties are brewed here, including a classic British stout, that you can sip on and contemplate the turns of history.