DPR: Sedovo & Azov Sea

Sedovo is a seafront town on the Azov Sea, occupying an absolutely stunning piece of a sandy spit. Before the war, this was one of the most popular Azov Sea resort towns, nowadays a lot of the hotels are shut (to be fare – it’s brutally off-season now). The Azov Sea may not be the most fabulous vocation destination in the world – the waters are murky and silty and very shallow (the Azov Sea is actually the shallowest sea in the world!), the sand is dirty yellow, and the roads are all beat up and damaged. The Azov Sea has very low salinity, mostly affected by the inflow of several large freshwater rivers emptying into it and bringing all the silt. Conversely, the Azov Sea is full of fish. Emptiness aside, it’s still – starkly beautiful location with long empty beaches, a nature reserve nearby, and endless pretty sand dunes.