Equatorial Guinea: Equatorial Guinea Food Recap

They say “when in Rome…”, or more like “when in Equatorial Guinea”. I am guilty of sampling some of the bushmeat – some at the roadside stalls to utter amusement of the local bushrat-selling ladies, and some at two of the best restaurants in the island (yes, sadly bushmeat is offered even in restaurants). So, the porcupine tasted like rabbit (I ate a leg), while bushrat tasted more like Peruvian guinea pig but also similar to rabbit (ate another leg). Giant land snails were incredible, much stronger tasting then escargot, and also much chewier but very gamy. Another local specialty – pepa soup – a clearish fish soup with a lot of black and red pepper – delicious. And finally – I am guilty of trying the pangolin (ate another leg) – please don’t unfriend me over this – a weird taste unlike any other meat, not particularly great. The meat dishes are usually accompanied by either boiled or grilled plantains and a couple variations of the Spanish San Miguel beer (the local brew Guineana is no longer produced due to reportedly having piss-like taste).