Ethiopia: Simien Mountains NP – Simien Lodge

There is only one lodge inside the Simien National Park – the Simien Lodge. It is actually the highest lodge in Africa, located at 3260m / 10700 ft in elevation, on the very edge of escarpment. The lodge is spectacular and meticulously maintain and is a true gem – it has of traditional stone-walled bungalows called tukuls with thatched roofing and full amenities inside. Gelada baboons, antelopes, birds come to the lodge, and it is one of the best spots in the park for sunset. While some things may not work – the lodge was nearly empty during COVID and later during the Ethiopian civil war (just months ago, there still was military activity in the area) – the staff is very welcoming and ready to make your stay amazing. In fact, we were the only people staying in it!