France: Thiepval WWI Memorial

The Somme Valley saw some of the fiercest fighting during the First World War and it’s known as the Battle of Somme. 3 million soldiers fought for the valley and the river and 1 million died or were wounded, thus making it one of the deadliest battles in human history. Tanks were used for the first time in the battle and airpower was also extensively tested and used. Despite all that, the front line hardly shifted at all making it also one of the most meaningless human sacrifices in the history of wars (well, any war is basically meaningless). There are a lot of memorials around the Somme Valley, and the one at Thiepval is the largest and most solemnly impressive, commemorating mostly the soldiers whose names remain unknown. Interestingly, it was the Battle of Somme where the short-skirt-wearing-and-sw