Country Page: French Guiana


French Guyenne (Guiana) is a de facto French overseas territory. Which is basically a convenient way to milk France of money for everything – the roads and infrastructure are on the European level, cars are all latest models Citroens and Peugeots, prices and incomes are roughly 40% higher than in France, and the country is plagued with a massive illegal immigration from Haiti and Brazil. France nevertheless somehow manages to cope with all this or at least dress it up and put a lid on the most boiling problems. The food and restaurants are excellent, but there still poor neighborhoods, dilapidated housing, questionable characters at night, prostitution, and everything is extremely slow in a typical French way. With some extra French arrogance on top. (TVs playing French comedies with fat Gerard Depardeu in them). Also the European space launching facility is located here. Not that many attractions, which is sad since the country is basically covered with jungle. Somehow tourist infrastructure is not developed at all, and what is on offer is extremely overpriced compared to much better alternatives in the neighboring countries.