Germany: Bremen (Revisited)

The historic Bremen Old Town (aka Altstadt) is a UNESCO World Heritage site and compact to fully explore in foot. The beating heart of the city is its Marktplatz (or market square), with most historic attraction found right here. The insanely ornate Bremer Rathaus (Townhall) is an eclectic mix of gothic and renaissance designs, built in 1410. In front of it is the statue of Roland, built in the 1404, which is the symbol of the city and the oldest such statue in Germany. And of course – the Cathedral of St. Peter aka St. Petri Dom right here in the square, dating to the 11th century, with its twin 98-meter-tall towers rising high above the rest of the old city. Finally, unmissable is the statue from the Brothers Grimm’s Bremen Musicians fairytale – the donkey, dog, cat and rooster – standing right in the heart of Bremen in the central Market Square.