Germany: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

I thought France and Germany have been thoroughly explored and exhausted by me but this little town – Regensburg ob der Tauber – just blew me away! Literally, the name means “red fortress above Tauber”, and the centuries-old town is truly fairytale-like, one of the best preserve medieval towns in Europe. The entire town sits on high banks of the Tauber River and is fully walled-in with thick defensive walls and 42 towers and gates mostly dating to the 15th century (some towers you can actually climb for panoramic views). Inside the walls, there is a truly beautiful German town of classic half-timbered houses and the central Marktplatz square with absolutely stunning Rathaus townhall building (that you absolutely must climb to the rooftop!). Many cobblestone streets radiate from here around the town and lead to more cathedrals and churches and old buildings. A totally amazing town and perhaps the best in Germany!