Germany: Tote Taler Orchid Reserve

A little known nature reserve near Naumburg is home to over a dozen native orchid species, including several rather rare ones – spectacular Northern European orchid, in full bloom at the end of May. Somehow, both the grassland meadows and forests – two habitats comprising the reserve – had orchids just everywhere. We found 13 different species! Multiple species of the Orchis genus – pink and red with big flowers bunched in around the top of the stem. Several species of the Ophrys genus often known as Bee orchids – their flowers are large and resemble and mimic bees (which actually attract real bees for pollination). Several species of Platanthera genus, known as Fringed orchids, as their white flowers have very elaborate fringes. One species of Cephalenthera and one species of Gymnadenia.