Greenland: Ittoqqortoormiit – Greenlandic Huskies

Everywhere in the settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit there were Greenland Husky dogs, several dozen of them all in all. We even got lucky to witness the feeding process – an elderly man cut and chopped a freshly killed ringed seal into pieces and fed them raw to the hungry dogs – an absolutely surreal show! Greenland Husky is a unique and very pure press of working dogs in the northern and eastern Greenland. The purely is rigorously maintained and not import of any other dogs are allowed. It is thought the the dogs came from Siberia about a 1000 years ago with Thule people, the dogs also share DNA characteristics with the gray wolf (legends have it that female huskies were taken out to tundra to be impregnated by wolves). The Greenland Huskies are famous for their stamina and strength and ability to pull cargo across very rough terrain. In fact, it was the Greenland huskies that Amundsen used to reach the South Pole! Greenland huskies come in various fur cover from black to blonde and don’t have blue eyes. Male dogs are size-ably larger then females. They spend all their lives outside and feed on raw meat.