Greenland: Sydkap – Arctic Hares

The Sydkap hike delivered sightings of not one or two, but eight Arctic hares – absolutely incredible! They were in two groups of three and five and not particularly disturbed by hikers (they are usually solitary). With their ultra white costs, they stood out against the dark rocks and were visible from quite far away. Arctic hares live only in Greenland and the Canadian Arctic islands, and not in Alaska, Russia, or Svalbard. They are highly adapted to the Arctic life – they are much bigger then other hares or rabbits (up to 70cm long and 5kg weight), have super thick fur, and over 20% body fat. Arctic hare remain white all year round and don’t change coat color. Also, interestingly, Arctic hare can see 360 degrees at all times given their eye placement on the sides of their head – a useful adaptation when trying to spot wolves or foxes approaching. With their massive hind legs, Arctic hare can run at 60 km per hour.