Guernsey: Driving around the island

Guersney is a bit smaller then Jersey, but the terrain is more mountainous and the coastline is more rugged, so takes roughly a day to circumnavigate and explore all the major attractions. The whole island has been over and over fortified through ages – there are medieval forts and observation towers all along the perimeter, and the north coast has a series of 15 solo-standing towers each within sight of the next. Many stand on the outcroppings that get surrounded with the rising tides. During WWII, Germany added a whole new layer of fortification, literally cementing their presence. There are several futuristic looking observation towers, and many anti-ship heavy gun galleries; in some places bunkers and gunpoints were built on top of the existing medieval structures. Apart from forts and towers, Guernsey has miles of wide sandy beaches all around and beautiful rocky seascapes. There are also several pretty manors inland of the island.

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