Guinea: Iles de Los Islands – Riding Boat to the Islands

Iles de Los are an island group lying just of the coast of Conakry. There are a total of eight islands, although only three are of size – Kassa, Tamara, and Roume. Kassa is the closest and is famous for its beaches, so we decided to check it out. Coming to the Conakry harbor you are met with an army of touts pitching the white peoples the trip and trying to push away the competition. We tried to go the local way and take a colorful boat with other passengers. After waiting for over an hour to fill the boat with people, cement bags, motorcycle, food, chicken, and more people, it became clear that this endeavor was utterly insane and had a high likelihood of overturning or a motorcycle falling on you. So we got out and negotiated a private boat. A short 1/2 hour or so ride to the island is very picturesque with colorful boats and views of Conakry. Once on Kassa, we did a little exploration of the main town before heading to the famous outer coast beaches.