Country Page: Guyana


Guyana, aka British Guiana the first of the three Guianas in this trip. Completely independent, politically unstable, corrupt and poor, and in a general conditions of a semi-total mess. Somewhat reminded me of Jamaica – bad infrastructure and chaotic driving, very dirty, not feeling particularly safe, drunk beggars on every corner, and come evening every house blasting reggae or something more bombastic. Driving is on the left, but no rules are obeyed and roads are potholed, not marked, and in a state of near-destruction. Grilling chicken fires are burning everywhere and everyone is “liming”. There are no beaches, ocean is dirty brown, and cows and chicken share waterfront with people. Then you get into the interior – and it’s all lush jungle, people are mostly Amerindian, and there’s hardly any meaningful civilization for miles. Almost no roads lead into interior, the borders with Venezuela and Brazil are as porous as it gets and the drug and exotic animal and birds trade flourishes. Land of the contrasts!