Iceland: Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a world famous spa and hot spring in Iceland. High silica content renders water milky blue color and complex of pools, waterfalls, mud baths, and natural steam vents make this the most visited attraction in Iceland. In actuality, it’s the water dumped by the nearby geothermal plant that makes these pools – the water is used to cool the turbines and then is dumped in the nearby lava field where it seeps through the porous black lava rocks. The silica content is so high that it eventually clogs the rocks and forms pools. So Blue Lagoon is constantly growing. It’s close to the International Airport so makes for a very nice first stop of the day at 8am, soaking in hot springs with a cup of Aquavit-spiked coffee (and fighting the jetlag since it’s only 4am NYC time).

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