Iceland: Landmannalaugar – Hiking at Landmannalaugar to Brenninsteinsalda

Landmannalaugar is all about hiking – the most spectacular hiking in Iceland. Most of this volcanic terrain was formed during the 1477 eruption that resulted in rhyolite and obsidian lava flows, that painted the mountains in all the different colors. The are various hikes here to the tops of the surrounding peaks, but the best and most famous hike is to the top of Mount Brenninsteinsalda, also known as the Rainbow Mountain or the Sulfur Wave. The route leads through an awesome obsidian lava flow, and then an active fumarole and mud pot field. Brenninsteinsalda is supposedly the most colorful mountain in Iceland and is actually an active volcano – there are yellows from sulfur, red from iron, green from copper, orange from rhyolite, and black from lava – absolutely surreal.