Iceland: Reykjavik – Icelandic Phallological Museum

Icelandic Phallological Museum aka Penis Museum is a one of a kind museum in the entire world dedicated to penises. The museum contains a collection of over 200 penises from all the mammals (land and marine) that occur in Iceland. If you ever wondered what a whale penis looks like – it’s here – actually 55 specimen. There are also walrus penises (and 36 other pinniped penises), polar bear penises, and so on. There are also a couple human penises (donated to the museum!), penises from African animals, penises from folk creatures like trolls, and various penis-related memorabilia and penis art and crafts. Altogether, the collection contains 282 specimens from 93 different species of animal penises, and 350 artistic penile expressions. You can go nuts (and penis!) in this museum.