Ireland: Biggest Disco Festival in Dublin

A brief stopover in Ireland was to go to the Biggest Disco Music Festival. Actually, it had nothing to do with disco, but rather an incredible all-in-one-place collection of the biggest stars and deejays from the 1990s and 2000s. The line up was truly jam-packed: Technotronic, La Bouche, Real McCoy, Ice MC, Haddaway, Capella, Snap, Sash, Darude, Rozalla, Maxx, Alice Deejay, Lasgo, and much much more! These were the biggest names in commercial electronic dance music, topping all the euro and global charts back in the days – all gathered together in one single place and performing live. And I got to meet many of them. Wow! The main stage was mostly live acts while a covered tent was for dj sets. In terms of sheer talent together in one place this was perhaps bigger then Tomorrowland – maybe they should rebrand this and call it Yesterdayland?