Italy: Rome – Castel Sant’Angelo

Having explored Rome thoroughly on my previous visit, this time it’s about cleaning up the things I missed. And the spectacular Castel Sant’Angelo is most definitely one of them. Also known as Mausoleum of Hadrian, it was built in 123-139 BC on the orders on the Emperor Hadrian to be the tallest building in Rome. (And remember – Hadrian was born in Italica in Spain – see previous post 40 in this trip). The spectacular cylindrical structure is right on the bank of the Tiber River and approached from the Rome’s Centro Storico across the equally beautiful pedestrian bridge of Ponte Sant’Angelo, also a Roman bridge built under Hadrian. Over the years, the building was used as a fortress and a papal residence. It houses a museum now and you can get to the rooftop for absolutely awesome views.