Jordan: Museum of the Lowest Place of Earth

The Museum of the Lowest Place of Earth is not much about the actual lowest place on earth but more about the history and archaeology of this land. In fact, it is located next to the biblical site of the Lot’s Cave and was originally built and known as Lot’s Cave Museum. The cave itself doesn’t have many attractions beyond a small Byzantine church – all the artifacts are here in the museum. The Lot’s story went something like this (the following is a loose non-religious interpretation): Lot was one of the prophets sent to spread God’s word and he came to Sodom and Gomorra, whose residents lived in an amoral society and didn’t much listen to him. God then sent angels to help Lot, but residents of Sodom (all male) didn’t wanna hear anything but instead only wanted to have sex with the angels (also male). So angels decided to destroy Sodom, but let Lot and his family escape. As Lot and his wife and two daughters were running into the mountains, his wife procrastinated and looked back at the burning Sodom and (not clear how but) turned into a salt pillar (there is the actually salt pillar nearby on a cliff). Lot and his daughters eventually found a cave to hide in (where the museum is now). Not much to do in the cave, so Lot’s daughters gif bored and started thinking that their lineage won’t continue, so they had a great idea to get their father drunk on local wine and then took turns having sex with him. Long story short, this R-rated story is retold in the museum.