Kamchatka (Russia): Ploskiy Tolbachik Volcano

There are two Tolbachik volcanoes standnig back to back – Ostriy (Sharp) Tolbachik at 3682 m / 12080 ft, and Ploskiy (Flat) Tolbachik at 3085 m / 10121 ft. The former is a cone-shape stratovolcano, while the latter is a flat-toped shieldvolcano. It’s possible to climb the Ploskiy Tolbachik on an all day-climb through snow, icefields, and steep slopes. The panorama that unfolds around is truly stunning, with clouds below you and other volcanoes of the Kluchevskoy Volcanic Group popping through the cloud cover. On top of Ploskiy Tolbachik, there is a massive caldera.